Success Stories

“Kay Nelson at Therapy Works has worked *miracles* with my son (Age 3). Before he started seeing her, other therapists and doctors were recommending he be institutionalized for his feeding challenges. We knew in our hearts that this wasn’t the right solution. We were so distraught. But then we found Kay and since my son has been seeing her, he has graduated from nothing but formula to then pureed foods and is now starting to chew. We are so thankful for Kay everyday. She has unlimited patience and her feeding philosophy has positively changed our lives. We have no doubt that our son will one day eat real people food!” – Dr. and Mr. Jeyaram

“Therapy Works has been such a warm & nurturing place for Keilan & our family.  Everyone is always so helpful and pleasant and the love of God shines through each and every one of you.  I thank you all for your heart of service and dedication to each child & their family that walks through your doors.  You are the best!!!  I feel that Keilan has been extremely fortunate in having such wonderful & supportive therapists.  We have been so blessed as a family to witness & celebrate every incredible accomplishment that Keilan has achieved and YOU have been an integral part of his journey.  I have been amazed and grateful for your dedication and integrity in wanting and pursuing the best for Keilan.” –  Susan

“I wanted to say thank you for all that you and the staff of Therapy Works did for John all those years ago.  The treatment he received as well as the tips you gave us were instrumental in changing him from a misfit kid into a well adjusted, successful student.

When we started seeing you his sensory integration dysfunction was causing many problems including not respecting people’s personal space.  This alienated many people who thought he was weird.  I’ll never forget the time in 3rd grade when a boy we thought was his friend invited all the boys in the class except John to his birthday party.  It was heart breaking for a mother.

We started him on medication for his ADHD in 5th grade.  His social skills have improved dramatically.  Today he is a (mostly) normal, if a little immature, 18 year-old.

John just graduated from High School with a 3.8 GPA.  He was a starter on the offensive line on the football team and was a member of the state championship lacrosse team.  He is well adjusted with friends.  He will attend college in the fall where he plans to major in civil engineering.

Thank you again for all you and your staff did to help him.  You made a very big difference in his life!”