Serial Casting

Serial casting is a specialized technique used by the physical therapists and occupational therapists at Therapy Works in conjunction with therapy to provide increased range of motion of a joint(s). This safe and effective process involves a series of repeated applications of casts, typically every one to two weeks, as range of motion is restored.

The therapist applies a semi-rigid, well-padded cast to the joint in a comfortable position and the family is instructed in care.  The cast is simply removed, without a cast saw, and is often removed by the family the night before the next cast is to be applied.  Serial casting requires a commitment from the family to come to therapy one to two times a week for 4-6 weeks for a series of casts and then follow up therapy. After casting is completed the therapist will make recommendations for orthotics such as AFOs and hand splints.

Serial casting is a cost effective non invasive process that can often prevent surgery and more invasive procedures. It is most often used for children with cerebral palsy or other injuries impacting joint movement of the ankle, knee, hand and/or wrist.