Physical Therapy for Torticollis

Torticollis is a condition of the neck where the baby’s head tilts toward one shoulder and the chin rotates towards the opposite shoulder. It occurs when one of the muscles in the baby’s neck is tight. Torticollis limits the ability of the baby to move their head freely to see, hear and interact with his/her environment. Most babies with torticollis respond very well to physical therapy intervention. It is important that physical therapy begin as soon as possible, the older the child is the tighter the muscle becomes and the harder it is to stretch.

A home exercise program including range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises and positioning ideas is crucial. Your therapist will work with you and establish the best program and ideas for your child. The combination of physical therapy and a consistent home exercise program is the key to success! Most parents are surprised at how quickly they see changes and improvements in their child.