Meet Our Team

Our team includes therapists and and an experienced support staff who can skillfully assist with scheduling, billing and insurance.

Occupational Therapists
Leslie Jacobs, OTR
Kay Nelson OTR
Joanie Thiel OTR
Amanda DiZinno, OTR
Monica Mangram, OTR
Mary Blaesing OTR
Jane Shaw, OTR
Katherine Haines Steinhofer, OTR
John Tilley, OTR
Jessica Cavallo, OTR

Physical Therapists
Amy Pridgen, PT
Peggy Teague, MPT
Erinn Williams, MPT
Karen Chambers, PT
Suzy Higgins, PT
Tessa Mendoza Cruz, PT

Speech Therapists
Arelice Roman, SLP
Hannah Neufeld, SLP

Support Staff
Donna Runowicz, Office Manager
Carol Bruce, Records Manager
Debby Ashby, Billing Specialist
Angie Comptom, Billing Specialist

Job Opportunities – Therapy Works is seeking experienced Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists to work in our clinics and in family homes. We provide a team atmosphere where therapists can interact and receive support from others. Must love children! Contact Kay Nelson or Donna Runowicz at 770-995-2379 to discuss opportunities.