About Us

Welcome to Therapy Works, a special place where children learn to work and play successfully with their families and their community. We provide a comprehensive therapy program for all children in a home-like environment where each child can feel comfortable, safe and secure in order to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. We can provide therapy in our office, at your home, daycares and other community settings.

Almost 20 years ago, therapists Kay Nelson and TerrieĀ Millard had a vision of a therapeutic clinic without the clinical setting, a comfortable place where children, their families and therapists alike could thrive, feel secure and develop their full potential.

Today Therapy Works continues to change, improve and adapt to meet the needs and challenges of everyone it serves. Through love and respect for others, ourĀ therapists provide a caring and accepting atmosphere that allows families, their children and therapists to laugh, have fun and look with pleasure to each new challenge. Please explore our site and discover why Therapy Works makes therapy for children work.